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During the conference there will be a computersytem available in every conference room. Running Microsoft Windows XP with Microsoft Office 2003 (Powerpoint, Word etc) on an Intel Pentium IV with 1GB RAM. Acrobat Reader 6.0 will be available for PDF presentations. For movies, Windows Media Player 9.0 and Quicktime 6.5.1 will be available. You can use a CD or USB memory stick to transfer your presentation to that system.

If you prefer to use your own laptop, that is possible if it has a normal 15 pin VGA connector (also known as DB-9/15 or mini sub D15) to connect it to the beamer. Please keep in mind that the maximum resolution for the beamer is 1024x768 pixels. At the conference you will receive detailed information on how en when to connect your system and how and when to transfer your presentation to the main system (test systems will be available in the lobby as well). If you need any additional information you can contact Leo Wouters (